Areas of Activity of A-FIXaus Ky

A-FIXaus Ky is a car beauty salon situated in Hämeenlinna offering different cleaning and maintenance services for vehicles. We also offer application of durable protective coating.
In case your company has a production process which involves application of protective coating on products to protect them from hits, wear and corrosion or just for good appearance, products by Speedliner, U-POL and Loctite may be a solution for you.
Protective coating may also be applied on cars – it gives your truck or van new appearance and durable wear-resistant coating.
Our goal is to help all vehicle owners to find suitable solutions for their vehicle's cleaning and maintenance. We gladly help you with advice and thus the results are both better and cheaper.

Our areas of activity include:

  • Hand wash of cars, off-road vehicles, mini-vans and motorbikes;
  • Polishing;
  • Waxing and long lasting waxing (also nanowaxing);
  • Interior dry cleaning and leather conditioning;
  • Touch-up painting;
  • Interior deodorising by air ionisation;
  • Preparation of used cars for sale;
  • Application of wear-resistant and anti-slip coating in load surfaces of vans, trucks and other vehicles;
  • Application of anti-bacterial coating on vehicles carrying foodstuff and on other special purposes vehicles where it is required;
  • Windscreen order and installation;
  • Sale of automotive chemicals;

Detergents comes from Auto Magic, U-POL Raptor, Loctite Big Foot and Speedliner.